So you want to be a mediator…

Great! We are here to assist with your training and to provide you with a team of registered neutrals who are active practitioners and excellent, real world trainers. Success Consulting & Mediation, Inc. offers training in all areas of mediation and works in conjunction with the Justice Center of Atlanta, Inc. To learn more about mediation training and the course offerings available please click here and you will be taken to Justice Center of Atlanta. If you have questions about developing a particular program you can also reach out to us through the Contact Us tab.

The Justice Center of Atlanta is a nationally recognized provider of top quality practice and instruction in mediation and is one of the premier training organizations in the United States. They have led the field of training and practice in conflict resolution for over 40 years. Shortly after Griffin Bell was confirmed as Attorney General of the United States in the winter of 1977, he launched a national experiment to test the usefulness of mediation and arbitration for minor disputes. Judge Bell called this effort “The Neighborhood Justice Centers” after the concept first discussed by Professor Frank Sander of Harvard Law School.

The Center’s training team has earned a national reputation and has taught the mediation process to thousands of people living in the United States, Western Europe, Korea, and Japan. For obvious reasons, the Center dropped “Neighborhood” from its name in 1987.

If you are looking for additional information on the training requirements for the State of Georgia feel free to go to the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution by clicking here If you need additional information on training offerings through the Justice Center of Atlanta just click here.