Success Consulting & Mediation, Inc. provides a full range of conflict resolution services, by providing attorneys, private individuals, businesses, educational systems, government entities and others the tools to handle conflict.

  • As mediators we work to address issues that may cause continuing conflict and damage relationships. By meeting with all vested parties and allowing for a facilitative approach to communication we empower the parties to create a tailored approach to resolving their issues.
  • As trainers we provide the opportunity to develop and enhance conflict resolution skills for all types of professionals, in an array of disciplines. Our trainings are not only approved by the Georgia Supreme Court’s Commission on Dispute Resolution, but various other states approve our course curriculums. Our courses are intended to prepare professionals to work for themselves, as private practitioners, and with the courts, to assist the public.
  • As consultants we provide program development and design, implementation, facilitation, conflict resolution system design, course and program evaluation, mentoring and coaching. However, we are equipped to assist any individual, business, government, organization or entity with their conflict resolution needs. We are Conflict Resolution Specialists.

Our daily lives are full of conflict and disputes. Most of us deal with conflict every day in various capacities; at work, at home, with children, with spouses… the list continues. For some, dealing with conflict presents the greatest challenges in life because the conflict represents a breakdown in relationships with those we work with, love and care about. For others, conflict is an indication of change and provides the opportunity to improve the conditions of a situation. In either event we are here to work with you.

Melissa Heard, FounderWe also know that many of our daily conflicts are resolved without the need for legal or professional intervention. Disagreements in the home between husbands and wives, and parents and children, are often part of the daily routine of life. However, there are situations that sometimes require the assistance of a trained professional in resolving disputes. When those times arise we are here to assist as a neutral third party and, if possible, reduce or eliminate the negative effects associated with the conflict. Consider the benefits afforded through mediation before beginning a lengthy and expensive legal battle.