“She was incredibly knowledgeable and wonderful at teaching.” Training Participant Evaluation 2023

“Provided us with personal experience that allowed us to better understand pitfalls of new mediators.” Training Participant Evaluation 2023

“Ms. Melissa was a very knowledgeable instructor whose interaction and experience added great value to what I learned in the course.” Training Participant Evaluation 2023

Melissa provided “good, provided excellent guidance, specific comments and suggestions” during my role play observations. Training Participant Evaluation 2005

“Everything was well broken down and understood how things are going to happen and the process.” -Mediation Participant

“She [Melissa] was awesome – Kudos!” – Mediation Participant

“Mediator [Melissa] was respectful, knowledgeable, and a good communicator.” – Mediation Participant

“Ms. Heard was very pleasant and professional. She is patient and thoroughly explained the extensive paperwork to me for clarity. And for her behavior, I commend her.” – Mediation Participant

“Excellent session, she was able to bring out issues the parties would not have otherwise discussed.” – Mediation Participant

“Melissa was in tune to what was going on. She was able to decipher the issues from what we were saying and get to the heart of what is going on.” – Mediation Participant

“Although today was an impasse I was very satisfied with the mediator [Melissa].” – Mediation Participant

“Melissa is outstanding and effective” – Mediaiton Participant

“I was very pleased with the mediator. She did an excellent job.” – Mediation Participant

“Great mediator. Very personable and understanding to both sides. Thank you very much.” – Mediation Participant