Melissa is more than excited to announce her new position with the Justice Center of Atlanta as the Executive Director. It is with excitement that Melissa will serve in a position held for over four decades by the nationally renowned Edith B. Primm. The principles of the Justice Center have and will continue to be a pillar for the practice that Melissa has brought to the field and will continue to bring. With that in mind don’t hesitate to reach out for services – they may look a little different in accessing, but the same stellar service will be provided.

As always mediation is the opportunity to be heard and listened to making the difference between settlement and litigation. There are countless examples of the missed opportunities to sit and discuss a situation that leads to fighting, expense, stress and other and the loss of opportunities.

Mediation offers significant advantages, financial savings, the ability to determine the outcome and being able to specify the terms of your agreement.

Here are benefits of mediation:

  • Having input and greater flexibility determining the outcome of the dispute
  • Greater probability of compliance with the terms of a mediated settlement
  • Less interruption to your work schedule and the use of alternative methods of mediating (virtual, weekends, evenings)
  • No guesswork of a 3rd party determining the outcome (arbitration or trial)
  • Having the opportunity to clarify for even greater compliance
  • Can include your representative, advocate or other support

Considering the current state of affairs, many matters are taking a while to be heard. So take the opportunity to give us a call or send us a message to see if mediation is an option for you.