You are in the right place...we are here to assist you in the resolution of your conflict or to train your organization on ways to handle conflict. With the vision of nationally recognized Elizabeth Manley; the companies of Atlanta Divorce Mediators, Inc. and Mediation Training Institute, Inc. have emerged as Success Consulting & Mediation, Inc.

Melissa Heard

Success Consulting & Mediation is led by Melissa Heard, who had the pleasure of working with Ms. Manley in the daily operations of mediation and training. Melissa has worked with various courts, organizations, attorneys and individuals to assist in the resolution of conflicts. Mediation services are offered under Success Consulting & Mediation, Inc. in which you work with Ms. Heard to expertly manage the process toward a resolution of your dispute.

To provide you with the opportunity to learn from the best training company available we are pleased to announce a collaboration with The Justice Center of Atlanta (JCA). JCA has provided thousands of individuals, all over the world, with the most comprehensive training and has led the field in mediation training and practice of conflict resolution for over 30 years. The Justice Center of Atlanta is a nationally recognized provider of top quality practice and instruction in mediation. Having the premiere training organizations under Melissa Heard combined with JCA will provide you with the best of all courses of training. From the Basic/General Civil course through Divorce/Domestic, Advanced, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Delinquency and Deprivation just to name a few. For additional information on JCA or for training and scheduling information see this page.

Success Consulting & Mediation, Inc. focuses on resolving conflict as early as possible, because that's often when it can be resolved most effectively. We invite you to review the website and contact us to find out more about our work and what we can provide for you.